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Cold but keen

These three [email protected]—Annik Dagenais, Josée Drapeau, and Mei Qiong Shi—are passionate about their bridge engineering work

Transcript of the video follows
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<p>Hello, I’m here to present the New Champlain Bridge project. Stantec was awarded the contract to serve as independent engineer on this project. Stantec’s role in the project is to certify the bridge’s design and construction. My name is Annik Dagenais and I’m the project manager. What motivates me daily on this project is working with a multidisciplinary team for a large-scale project and knowing these wonderful technical experts. Please meet my team:</p> <p>Hi, my name is Josée Drapeau and I’m the quality expert on this project.&nbsp; What energizes me every morning is knowing I will be going to work with a team who take the project’s progress to heart, and working very closely with them. What also motivates me a lot is work that’s well done and properly documented.</p> <p>Hello, my name is Mei Qiong Shi and I’m an engineer with Stantec. I was team leader on this project for the team of verifying engineers for the site, and I’m now the assistant project manager for Annik. I love waking up in the morning as I look forward to my job, thanks to our terrific, dynamic team. I’m a curious person who seeks challenges, and this project offers me exactly that. The challenges vary. The complexity of this contract calls for a very thorough understanding of the contract’s standards and specifications, plus a logical mind and good organizational skills. I love meeting these challenges and making decisions together, as a team, which could have an impact on the project’s outcome and make it better. I’m very proud, then, for all of these reasons.&nbsp;</p>

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