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Why I design with sustainability in mind

Stantec architect Blake Jackson tells us how sustainable design became central to his philosophical approach to projects

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<p>I became a designer just because I think, like all of us, we want to change the world and we think that we're right and everyone else is less right. You know, we have ideas about how things should be and we'll never be satisfied. And it keeps us interested and intrigued. And I think that that's something that's kept me a designer. And so sustainability was one of these things that from a philosophical standpoint for me, it became very interesting. Suddenly, it was not about what your design style is and what's fashionable right now. It was really an idea about, we can all agree that philosophically, clean air is better than polluted air, and clean water is better than polluted water, and healthy buildings are better than non-healthy buildings. If you could turn that into an ethos, then that would give you something to stand on that was timeless.</p> <p>I think that at the end of the day, the thing that I'm trying to do is to make the buildings more sustainable, more healthy, and more resilient. If I can accomplish any one of those three things, or all of them, then I feel like I've had a good day.</p>

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