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Working in an award-winning building

Join architect Michael Banman and interior designer Todd Littleford as they explore the benefits of Stantec’s move to downtown Winnipeg

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<p><b>Michael Banman</b>: What can a move, a consolidation in a beautiful space do for your office? How can it retain talent? How can it attract talent? How can it attract better clients?</p> <p><b>Todd Littleford</b>: It’s very subtle, but I think the nice thing about it is it’s like little surprises here or there when you look at it. It’s very refined and it’s not in your face but you look at something and go, ‘that was really thought through.</p> <p>Michael had a really strong concept for the building and we really tried to follow that through on the interior. The idea was people looking at us because the front is very transparent, then how do we take that concept and pull it through the interior so it’s sort of yes they’re looking at us, but once you’re in here you should be able to look through the space and at each other. <br> <br> </p> <p><b>Michael</b>: Where we have so many different disciplines, they are now all under one roof so to speak. So, the connection and integration of that is obvious. The other thing is just access to natural light and better air quality, so we have two large lightwells that cut through our space. They offer a lot of daylight. There’s panoramic views across the city. We used to be in suburban locations and now we’re in the city. It’s a massive change for us and we’re seeing differently I think when people are walking into this office space there’s a set of pride in that. We’re a large corporate practice and we finally have a space that reflects and represents that.</p> <p>relocating downtown and being in a prominent relocation has helped us to gain more projects and more respect within the community and the opportunities keep growing from there.</p> <p>We had A client of ours walked through here the other day and he said “by and large you don’t know what the architects do in the city”. He says “now everybody in the city knows what you can do.”</p>

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