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What constitutes a rich design culture?

What drives us? Purpose, passion, and the power to affect change through design

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<p><b>Eric Weyant</b>: A culture of design really requires a lot of dialogue between people that are leading the firm and leading the direction of the firm as well as the ability to harness and take advantage of all the ideas that lots of people that work at the firm and participate at the firm have.</p> <p><b>Amber Luther</b>: Every office seems to have their sort of uniqueness that allows them to develop their process and utilize that process on projects. When you start to use an interdisciplinary or interoffice team, that sort of evolves and becomes something entirely different.</p> <p><b>Anton Germishuizen</b>: Design culture comes from leadership. It comes from youth. It comes from talent., and I think it comes from driving a strong dialogue in an organization on the subject.</p> <p><b>Larry Weeks</b>: Today more than ever successful environments are multi-perspectival. I think the messy vitality that happens in places that are loved by people, that are successful and urban places – it's very difficult for one person to get that. I think the ways to get that is to entertain and nourish and fuel lots of voices coming together. I think that's one reason that we focus on lots of disciplines within our office. In fact, every individual in our office can work across these disciplines, so we speak with lots of voices.</p> <p><b>Justin Perdue</b>: I think what's important in our healthy design culture is that you're always asking questions and you're never accepting what has been done before as the truth. You should always be looking for new ideas and making sure that you're doing it the right way, not just the way it's been done before.</p> <p><b>Michael Moxam</b>: An environment where people feel that the dialogue around ideas is the most important thing in the office.</p>

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