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There's a reason it's called integrity

Stantec Director of Oil & Gas – Integrity, Dennis Zadery, discusses why we are invested in pipeline safety, integrity, and efficiency

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<p><b>Ziad Saad,</b></p> <p><b>Vice President, Pipelines</b></p> <p>“There are bridges that are hundreds of years old and serve their function reliably, traffic crosses them safely every day. However if you had left those bridges unattended to over hundreds of years, likely they wouldn’t be here today. Pipelines are very similar to that. Pipelines, as long as there is an integrity management program that is sophisticated and well developed they can last for a very long time.”</p> <p><b>Dennis Zadery,</b></p> <p><b>Director, Oil &amp; Gas - Integrity</b></p> <p>“Integrity is a type of imagined system or concept that owners and operators and organizations incorporate into their organizational structure to manage assets and manage the lifecycle of assets. Including the safety of assets, the liability of assets the overall efficiency and lifetime performance of assets.”</p> <p>“One of the key elements when we build as we build new infrastructure and new big projects, we have learned over the years that you can build a lot of integrity upfront.”</p> <p>“It is very valuable in a company like Stantec that we have both the integrity engineers and also the design engineers that design new pipelines but we also have environmental services, geotechnical services and survey and geomatics services. Those can be very complimentary in the application of pipeline design in general and pipeline integrity as well.”</p> <p>“We can combine these complimentary expertise and apply that to solving different engineering problems to come up with more creative and better solutions.”</p> <p>“We’re invested because at the end of the day when we go home and we want to live our lives, everything that is going on around us by these big companies that run assets, we are near and dear to those locations. So we would be impacted and affected.”</p> <p>“We are the community.”</p> <p>“Our job doesn’t end with designing the pipeline and it going through the ground. Our job does extend through the 50, 60, 70 years lifespan of that pipeline project.”</p>

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