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Supporting those who serve our community

Our Stantec Community came together at CANstruction to give the Calgary Food Bank all the items from their wishlist

Transcript of the video follows
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<p>Karen Chin: “The theme of canstruction this year is nature. We started thinking about all of the things we love about Canada and we came up with Canmore. We also love our favourite seasons as well which is what we have tried to put into our design as well and there are so many thing that go into nature around Canmore, the river, the mountains, the meadows and of course the wildlife as well. So all of the non-perishable food that we are using today is going to get donated to the Food Bank. I was really inspired to see what you can build out of cans. Being in the architecture group, I like building stuff so I thought it would be really fun to be part of it this year.”</p> <p>Sam McLaughlin: “We were also really keen to give the food bank as much as we could from their wishlist so we decided to come up with a design that did precisely that and that came up with all the wishlist items and we had over 2,000 items. It’s providing canned goods to the food bank but it’s also a whole range of other items particularly things like baby food, peanut butter, cereal and at a time where the use of the food bank has gone up by 20 percent, we felt it was even more important to look at the wishlist and make sure that our design gave even more than cans. We were thrilled because we won best meal this year which meant a lot for us as a team. We are working alongside our clients towards a common goal of giving the food bank the biggest donation as we possibly can. We are being creative in what we put together but ultimately we are helping out community.”</p>

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