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#mystantecstory – Niall Eivers

What's it like to be an engineer-in-training with Stantec's transportation group? Join Niall Eivers to find out.

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<p>I have about 3 years of experience. I joined Stantec late in 2015. I've been really with them for the last 8 or 9 months. Since joining, it's been very welcoming. Great company to work for. They really give you the responsibility that you want as an EIT, an engineer in training, to help you grow and to give you the correct support in doing so. I guess with this project, I submitted the proposal. Myself and Kip pursued the client and we managed to win it based on our previous history with the client, and I was involved in the project setup as well as the logistics and organization of the project to where we are today.</p> <p>As a junior engineer, an engineer in training, it's good to get involved and work with good people like that who have 10, 15 years, 20 years of experience that you're able to learn off them every moment of the day and to progress your career. Expose you to good things. Expose you to big infrastructure projects and to get involved and to see how these things are built. I really can't say enough about the team that I'm working with and for Stantec as a company in the community.</p>

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