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#mystantecstory – Reid Plasterer

Reid’s journey at Stantec has taken him from co-op placement to cutting edge field work. Not bad for a geotechnical engineer-in-training

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<p>We're doing a geotechnical investigation, obviously over the water.</p> <p>This barge that we're on currently has the drill rig, which is capable of actually doing the drilling, pushing the cone, but in support of that we also have a crane to help move materials around, and then typically one or two tugboats that move the barge from location to location for us to execute the boreholes.</p> <p>I did my first co-op with the company in 2012 and then just joined full time in 2015,</p> <p>All the soil that comes out of the ground, it's my responsibility to classify all that and track what is actually going on underground. Additionally, working with the drillers to make sure we're getting the samples we want, at the certain depths we want. Tracking the cone penetration test to make sure that that's all the data we want. Essentially my role in the project is getting all the data that we need so that when we go to do the design for this project there's no gaps in any of the data and that we can deliver a good final product to the client.</p> <p>When you're working on a long project like this and a lot of hours, you really get to know the colleagues you're working with very well.</p> <p>The group of people that I've been working on since the beginning are still here, which really allows you to develop good working relationships and friendships as well.</p> <p>My name is Reid Plaseter, I work for Stantec Consulting out of the Burnaby Geotech office. My job title is geotechnical engineer in training.</p>

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