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#mystantecstory – Doug Graham

Most people don’t see killer whales at work, but Doug does. Find out how this geotechnical field foreman travels the world for Stantec

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<p>We are sitting on a barge right now and we're drilling with a geotechnical drill on a floating platform. On this project I'm designated as the field foreman, so I'm responsible for making sure the overall quality of the data is what we expect and the safety of the crew.</p> <p>I do travel quite a bit. I like it. I consider it an opportunity. Not many people get to come out here and work out in this beautiful area. We saw killer whales yesterday. I've worked in some pretty interesting places, Labrador, Northern BC, I've been to South America a couple times for Stantec. I enjoy the opportunity to travel.</p> <p>I'm not specifically marine, but I have a lot of experience with marine geotechnical investigations both on the east coast and the west coast. So typically when Stantec is involved in a larger scale marine project I'm usually involved.</p>

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