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Many cameras, one story

On Community Day 2016, Stantec staff pulled out their smart phones and digital cameras to capture stories from across the organization

Transcript of the video follows
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<p><b>Text on screen</b></p> <p>Wednesday September 21 2016 was Stantec in the Community Day, where thousands of Stantec volunteers spend time annually giving back to their communities.</p> <p>Here’s what the day looked like through their eyes.</p> <p><b>Spoken</b></p> <p>We’re going to be helping out with invasive weed removal, going to work on some beaver dams.</p> <p>We’re sorting donated goods at the Women in need society.</p> <p>Painting the backstop on the baseball diamond here.</p> <p>Today we’re harvesting potatoes for the winter.</p> <p>We’re doing the great Canadian shoreline cleanup.</p> <p>Today we are picking up trash along our adopt-a-highway route.</p> <p>I believe there’s also some mucking going on too, cleaning out some stalls, and grooming horses.</p> <p><b>Text on screen</b></p> <p>Each person had their own reason to take part.</p> <p><b>Spoken</b></p> <p>I’m from the Burnaby, BC office but I was in Calgary this week for meetings and I decided I wanted to get involved with Community Day in Calgary. It’s really encouraging to see all the donations here and it’s fun to get involved with the community and to spend some time with some other staff from Stantec.</p> <p>We’re building light nets for the St Paul’s Hospital Light Foundation.</p> <p>Lights of hope is one part of what the Hospital Foundation does. We basically light up the hospital for the Christmas holiday.</p> <p>Today I’m at the Habitat for Humanity Restore. So we’re bringing in things that have been donated and taking them off the truck, putting a price tag on them, and putting them out for people to purchase. I wanted to be involved with this because you can really see how it helps people, you can walk around and see people shopping and see what all your work is going towards and who you’re helping.</p> <p>We’re planting vegetable gardens for the children at the YMCA Woodwards daycare center because we are teaching them all about sustainable food growth and how to grow your own food. The kids have been really excited because a lot of the vegetables that they see here, they recognize, so it’s really exciting for them to be able to plant vegetables that they know and they’ve heard of before but actually have them in their space outside so they can see how everything grows.</p> <p><b>Text on screen</b></p> <p>Multiply that by over 8,000 employees in almost 250 offices, and you get…</p> <p><b>Spoken</b></p> <p>I drive past this every day and it’ll be neat to see it looking nice.&nbsp;</p>

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