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Making connections on ice

Since 2003, the Stantec Cup has been bringing together Stantec employees from different offices through their shared love of hockey

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<p><b>Brad Moore</b></p> <p>You don’t realize it at the time but you could be setting the groundwork for a project one year down the road.</p> <p><b>Elena Farries</b></p> <p>I love it, it’s good exercise, you get to meet new people.</p> <p><b>Kip Skabar</b></p> <p>I think over the years you just build this rapport and you kind of have a community within the global Stantec community of hockey people.</p> <p><b>Reid Drummond</b></p> <p>It’s true that Stantec is your number one client, so when you get a chance to be with a whole bunch more of your clients, it’s amazing what sort of opportunities can present themselves.</p> <p><b>Bryce Hunter</b></p> <p>It allows people to connect, not only through email, and our technology, but real, personal relationships.</p> <p><b>Sarah Light</b></p> <p>Having this tournament, having the availability for people to come out and enjoy it, it shows that Stantec is not just there for you to go to work and go home, they have play.</p> <p><b>Joel Sawatzky</b></p> <p>The Stantec Cup started in 2003 in Red Deer on the basis of support from who is now the Executive Vice President of Canada, Russ Wlad, who is an avid hockey player himself. He has supported the event all the way along.</p> <p><b>Russ Wlad</b></p> <p>I’ve really had at the Stantec Cup. Meeting all of the various people and especially the competitiveness of the actual hockey on the ice, we have some very good hockey players at Stantec and some amazing people. When we bring them all together outside of work it’s amazing to see how the relationships strengthen and how much more they do appreciate and respect each other.</p> <p><b>Chris Mountenay</b></p> <p>When you get to know the person and find out they have kids, they have families, where they live, where they grew up, where they went to school, all stuff you wouldn't do in a work conversation, it really does build a relationship. Then, you feel like you can call those people and really rely on them to deliver. My BC does a lot of work across Western Canada, and we collaborate with a lot of other groups, the buildings groups, the electrical, the geotechnical, geomatics, you name it. This is an opportunity for me to meet some of those guys who are in those other groups.</p> <p><b>Tony Chiarello</b></p> <p>We have different tools where we can reach out to different people in other offices, but the face-to-face interaction is just there. It might not be a specific person that does the work that plays in this tournament, but at least he's a contact that you can go to.</p> <p><b>Bryce Hunter</b></p> <p>We get to connect, integrate, and that's what Stantec is really good at, getting people together, integrating, working across our business lines. It's very, very important in what we do in our industry, in our business, and I think moving forward, that's going to be what sets Stantec apart from the rest of the companies that we compete against.</p> <p><b>Kip Skabar</b></p> <p>When you build those relationships, it just makes things go smoother overall. You kind of put a face to a name on who you’re talking to on the other end of the line, or if you’re in a lync meeting you kind of say “oh yeah, that Bryce Hunter guy, I rubbed him out in the boards a couple times,” so it kind of brings a smile to your face when you start off a new project with some of these guys.</p> <p><b>Bruce Hunter</b></p> <p>Kip, how’s it going buddy?</p> <p><b>Kip Skabar</b></p> <p>Good, man!</p> <p><b>Bryce Hunter</b></p> <p>Thanks for taking me into the boards!</p> <p><b>Kip Skabar</b></p> <p>That was a good game.</p> <p><b>Bryce Hunter</b></p> <p>Ya, right on, that was good…</p>

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