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It’s about community

Stantec in the Community Day 2015

7,300 employees. 80 offices. The contributions we made as part of our third annual Stantec in the Community Day were impressive.

Transcript of the video follows
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<p>To see this army of Stantec red shirts in front of me, I feel like we’re in really good hands for the rest of the afternoon.</p> <p>Stantec across the company has about 15,000 employees, and today, about seven thousand three hundred of us across all of Canada and the United States and elsewhere are finding some way to provide a service, a volunteer service into the community.</p> <p>It’s a day of action, a day of volunteering.</p> <p>The impact of this event, it really reflects the impact that we can make as an organization.</p> <p>We’re all about giving back to our communities. And so what better way to give back to the Berkley community.</p> <p>We had over 500 people in Alberta South alone that have participated in Community Day.</p> <p>We have this dream at Grow Calgary and that’s to grow as much food as possible for the Food Bank.</p> <p>The Ottawa Food Bank farm is a really great program, so this year we’ve donated $10,000 towards upgrades at the farm.</p> <p>We’ve also got some people who are helping build greenhouses and winterize the farm.</p> <p>Our goal is to make sure that we don’t isolate people, that we keep folks connected.</p> <p>This will fill a gap to support the kids that participate in our programs.</p> <p>This is a great way to be in touch with the community that we’re designing for, we’re in fact part of the community that we’re designing for.</p> <p>So we are all enjoying to do our volunteer work for our community service.</p> <p>I get involved with Stantec in the Community Day because it’s such a tangible way to give back to the community.</p> <p>It means a lot to me because this is a community that I not only work in, but I live here.</p> <p>There’s a team-building element to it. at a very basic human level, you go out with your peers, and they’re not necessarily people that you work with on a day to day basis, they’re people a couple of floors up from you, or in another sector or in another department…</p> <p>…and that helps build our internal community.</p> <p>I think it makes you feel good. Ya, it would be easy to write a cheque, but it makes me feel like I’m giving back.</p> <p>It’s just people connecting to people.</p> <p>This is about community is what it’s about so we’re excited Stantec’s here with us today, so thank you for being here and hope to do more with you in the future. Appreciate it.</p> <p>Thank you Rob for allowing us to share the day with you all.</p> <p>It means the world to us because it shows that the community cares about what we do.</p> <p>We’re just incredibly, incredibly grateful that you’re out here today.</p> <p>It’s really evident that when you get a whole group of folks together, how much you can do and accomplish in a short period of time.</p>

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