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Dollars for Doers: Lori Grauer’s Story

Things changed when Lori learned she had cancer. But, even while undergoing treatment, she volunteered for the Canadian Cancer Society

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<p>Lori Grauer: “I was diagnosed with Cancer several years ago now and I went from working full time to being at home full time and it’s kind of major culture shock. So, I needed something to do and I needed something constructive to do but being in treatment you don’t have a lot of energy so I didn’t know what I could or how much I could do.”</p> <p>“So I contacted them and they were wonderful. They were so accommodating, if I could only work a couple of hours in the office, that is what they let me do and they just phoned me when they needed me and if I could do it, I did it and if I couldn’t then I didn’t.”</p> <p>“While I was in treatment I was just doing office duties everything from sending out cards, stuffing envelopes, tagging merchandise that they sell at the stampeders game and things like that so I was just working in the office but now that I am finished I’ve been helping out with the daffodil campaign every year and hopefully this year I will get involved in a few more activities.”</p> <p>“When you are first diagnosed with cancer it’s pretty scary. Being able to talk to somebody that has experienced what you have and everyone’s experiences is different but knowing that other people have gone through this and survived, they give you a lot of good insight. You learn a lot and it’s just comforting to talk to somebody that has gone through this.”</p> <p>Text Slide: Through Stantec’s Dollars for Doers program, Lori received a donation for the Canadian Cancer Society.</p> <p>Lori Grauer: “The fact that a person goes out there and volunteers their time is great and the fact that the company that I work for backs me on that that’s absolutely wonderful. We’re helping people, we are helping the community, it’s just a win-win all over.”</p>

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