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Community, clients, and clean water in Rossdale

Stantec teamed up with EPCOR to design the Rossdale How to green Treatment Plant’s new sodium hypochlorite building that helps the plant stay safe

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<p>JONATHAN: &nbsp;Right now, we’re standing in front of the new sodium hypochloride building that was designed by the Stantec team. This is part of the Rossdale How to green Treatment Plant. It provides disinfection to, to process, and that provides water to the surrounding communities and up to 200,000 homes in the area.</p> <p>CORRADO: One of the biggest challenges to this project is the relationships of the site in context with its neighbours. You can see this from the neighbourhood and across the river. We wanted to make sure that it not only integrated with EPCOR’s design intent but that it also reflected and was highly visible, had its own characteristics, unique characteristics for it surrounding communities.</p> <p>JONATHAN: Stantec was really good to work with. They have a wide variety of knowledge, they brought all their A team to the table, every time we had issues, they worked together with the contractor or with the stakeholder to come up with solutions that would work for everybody and keep the project on time.</p> <p>CORRADO:&nbsp; Trying to understand the language of the rest of the site and create something that can work in any application is something very important to us, and so I think we’ve done that here.</p> <p>JONATHAN: I think this is a world-class facility. It took a while to build, but I think the product in the end is great. It will last for a long time, and our operations team has worked really well so far to maintain it and operate it in the manner. It was very well received.</p>

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