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Why Graham chooses Stantec

Watch Graham tell the story of why he chooses to work for Stantec.

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<p>Stantec’s really entrepreneurial, and I’ve found that if you want to be involved in something or you have an idea or you have a passion for something and you can demonstrate some value to Stantec for it, then you've got a blank slate to run with it. So if you're ambitious and engaged yourself, and you want to carry something forward, then this is a great place to do it because--as long as you can demonstrate that there's a business case to be made and there's value in doing it--you really have all the resources and support that you could want to make that happen.</p> <p>The ability to be part of the company and part of a team that was involved in the scale of work that Stantec is was a draw. The opportunities to collaborate across disciplines, across sectors, across scales, and work with some really cool people in not just this office and not just my team but across teams and across offices; it's the interplay between architecture and engineering, and engineering and planning, and planning and architecture, and the impact and opportunity that’s associated with that interdisciplinary or multi-disciplinary approach to work that I was really interested in being a part of.</p> <p>Stantec looked like a very good choice to develop a career that was really looking at all of those things for a long-term sustainable perspective. Everything that we do in terms of infrastructure, planning, architecture, engineering, environmental management, there’s a sustainability and energy element to almost all of all of our projects. In a lot of ways we’re at the heart of some of the coolest projects and most rewarding work that Stantec as a whole is engaged in.</p> <p>It has stayed interesting, and it has stayed relevant. It has stayed fun. I’m having a really good time doing what I’m doing. I think it's great place to grow a career.</p>

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