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Looking Forward

This video features interviews with some of Stantec’s top leaders at our 2013 annual general meeting.

Transcript of the video follows
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<p>Al Reynolds - There’s just something so satisfying about being part of a group that can actually make a difference in how our communities grow and prosper.</p> <p>Asifa Samji – if you have a good idea, you’re not stifled here. You’re given the support and the tools and direction and mentoring to achieve what it is you want to achieve.</p> <p>Russ Wlad – I’ve been with Stantec for 23 years now and I’ve seen a lot of change over those years. And we’ve grown from a very small company of 3 or 400 people to over 12000 people. And it’s really good to see that throughout that growth we haven’t lost our motivation or culture from where we started.</p> <p>Emily Dunlop – Particular moments when I’m in a project meeting and surrounded by colleagues, some that I’ve known for a long time and some that I’ve just met, and we’re working on a solution for an idea. I walk out of those rooms and I just kind of sigh and say “I love my job”</p> <p>Alfonso Rodriguez - It’s hard not to get emotional about the work that our folks do. It’s phenomenal.</p> <p>John Lortie – We have a really great company. One of the things that I like about Stantec is that we’re very entrepreneurial. We have an environment that allows people to think creatively, come up with ideas on how to better manage our business, and then gives them the freedom to execute that.</p> <p>Lui Mancinelli – when we figured out how to bring all of those pieces together, that we would be unstoppable, and I see that unfolding in front of me now.</p>

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