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Interns on the Roof

Students Natalie Petricca and Lucas Boyd discuss their experience developing a feasibility study and schematic design for a rooftop patio.

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<p>NATALIE: It definitely opened my eyes to the real world and what you can actually do.</p> <p>LUCAS: Dealing with the real world limits of design and building.</p> <p>LUCAS: It took our education outside the classroom.</p> <p>NATALIE: So <i>Interns on the Roof</i> was started by one of the associates here who approached us about creating a project for the rooftop that is above the two storey portion of our building. It was something that the office has wanted all along, but nobody ever really has time to devote to it. So they gave it to us to just run with.</p> <p>LUCAS: It’s a typical aggregate roof with four skylights that serve the interior design department.</p> <p>NATALIE: The roof is about half full of mechanical equipment. There’s one stair that goes up to it.</p> <p>LUCAS: It’s not a very inviting space.</p> <p>LUCAS: Some of the challenges were mostly things we’re not used to as being students. Things like organizing meetings with consultants, we’re not used to doing that at school.</p> <p>LUCAS: The design was meant to be just a schematic design. Our main priority was this feasibility study, but we did end up spending quite a bit of time on the design. And it was those limits that really informed us. And actually, I think with a real creative process it’s those limits that really let it flourish.</p> <p>NATALIE: The fact that we had to have a railing that was a certain height around the space then got our juices flowing and we were able to say “ok, well then let’s make it an oasis. Let’s raise that guard up even a little bit higher and then be able to have an enclosed space where you really feel like you’re away from everything. You’re away from the stress of the office, you’re away from the business of the city.”</p> <p>NATALIE: This is the first time that I’ve ever done a feasibility study before a project. This is the first time where I’ve actually figured out exactly what’s possible on a specific site.</p> <p>LUCAS: Stantec was a fantastic place to come because I really get the feeling that they care about the student experience here. It’s not “just some intern, give him a job, keep him busy, he’ll be gone in four months” kind of thing. Even if it isn’t the most profitable thing, they’re really sensitive about our education here.</p> <p>NATALIE: It really seems like they care about our ideas and they really listen when we bring something to the table. Whether it was this project or other projects, people really seemed to care and listen to what we have to say.</p>

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