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Edmonton Airport's Living Wall

The Living Wall

"It’s an amazing vision of sustainability. It’s easy to touch, it’s easy to see." Don Becker, Senior Associate

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<p>BECKER: The living wall is unique and certainly in airports.</p> <p>SMITH: The living wall is a truly spectacular entry experience for passengers as they descend the escalators or stairs and move into the Canada customs and immigration facility. It acts not just as a very spectacular visual feature, but it also helps to turn carbon dioxide into oxygen – which is what plants do – in an interior environment. So both from a sustainability point of view, and from a visual aesthetic point of view, it’ll be a feature that will truly set this airport apart.</p> <p>BECKER: It’s an amazing vision of sustainability. It’s easy to touch, it’s easy to see. It’s not like our mechanical system, or our special LED lighting, or the fact that we collect rainwater off the roof to use in the toilets, but you don’t know that, you don’t see it. So at least this is visible, it’s in your face, it makes you think, and that’s a very important part of sustainability is getting people thinking about what it is.</p> <p>SMITH: We feel very proud of having the first large-scale living wall installed in an airport terminal anywhere in the world that we’re aware of.</p>

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