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Edmonton Airport Overview

Edmonton Airport Overview

"Our history with this client goes back several years." Stanis Smith, Sector Leader, Airports

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<p>The Edmonton Airport Authority took the opportunity of the significant growth that’s been happening in northern Alberta to expand the airport to meet the demand for the foreseeable future.</p> <p>Our history with this client goes back several years; in fact we were responsible for the most recent expansion of the terminal which was done approximately 15 years ago. And so we’ve had a long and very successful relationship with this client, and this project is the culmination of that relationship.</p> <p>Stantec provided full architectural and engineering services, so the full range of architectural, interior design, planning services, as well as structural, mechanical, electrical, and some specialty services such as acoustical engineering and lighting design.</p> <p>One of the key design features of this expansion project is because it’s a very lengthy expansion, and a very linear expansion, one of our concerns was that if we didn’t treat it properly, it might seem like an endless vista. If you look at the model, you can see at every gate we’ve basically broken the roof, and there’s that “ski slope” that basically engages the gate, and it’s very deliberate so as you’re walking down the concourse, you get the sense of the sloping roof every time there is a gate. And what this has done is twofold. On the one hand, it’s improved the whole intuitive sense of wayfinding in the terminal, and the other thing that it does is it helps to bring natural light right deep inside the terminal and create a much more pleasant indoor environment for passengers.</p> <p>I think the project has been a huge boost for our Edmonton team. It’s the largest project that they’ve had to work on, and it’s a project in their home city so obviously there’s a tremendous amount of civic pride that they’ve had in working on this project, which of course will be the project that everybody sees when they arrive at the airport or when they leave the airport. So I think from a point of view of building up the pride of our team, I trhink it’s been wonderful. It’s been an important project in terms of our airport resume because it is the most recent US customs and immigration facility and the most recent Canadian customs and immigration facility to have been built in Canada. So from all those points of view it’s an important project in both our portfolio, and an important project for the city and the region.</p>

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