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Behind the scenes - The Stantec Promise Video

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the promise video featuring interviews with Stantec staff.

Transcript of the video follows
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<p><b>Bob Braisted</b></p> <p>I was invited to do this cool thing, to come and do a video shoot. We’re trying to get “designing with community in mind” and this is the flavor of us being out at our job site.</p> <p>Just a couple of years ago I was fortunate enough to help design our new office space as we were bringing a bunch of different groups of people together from acquisition. So I got to help with that process, so that community in that case was my local office.</p> <p><b>Lian Kwon</b></p> <p>So we are filming scenes for the video. My line was it’s where I work, and I also promise.</p> <p>I think you design with community in mind by taking the broader picture and including not just your contractors, your clients, but also including the people that it will affect.</p> <p><b>Shruti Nathan</b></p> <p>A lot of us from different offices are here to share this process and be part of this.</p> <p>I’m working on a project to design a new cancer center for Cleveland clinic and I feel very integrated with that community when I’m out there, designing for them, and it’s about understanding the culture, understanding the people who live in that environment, and that to me is designing with communities in mind.</p> <p><b>Roman Czemerys</b></p> <p>What comes up for me is as professionals I think we subconsciously are carrying that thought and doing that, our work contributes to building community, but now it’s kind of nice to actually declare it, and put it out there and say by the way, this is what we’re trying to do.</p>

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