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BC Place - Client relationships

Stantec really gave us a focus and a vision for where we wanted to go in the future of the building.

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<p>In working with PavCo there were three client representatives who I dealt with and we dealt with throughout the project. One was the general manager, Howard Crossley, the director of business development, Graham Ramsey, and the operations officer Brian Griffin.</p> <p>We really looked to them to broaden our horizons – what was next for the building. They involved us in all the decision-making at a very high level.</p> <p>From day one, Stantec provided all architectural services, and really gave us a focus and a vision for where we wanted to go in the future of the building.</p> <p>We brought in some additional consultants, and the client, and essentially brainstormed ideas of what to do with stadium. We tried to look at big picture, forget about costs, in a perfect world: what would you like to do to the stadium? What things need to be better? What would improve operations? What would improve the guest experience? When they started to see the capabilities that the design team brought to the stadium and the ability to reinvent spaces, even spaces within the stadium, a big light went off in their mind.</p> <p>The relationship was very positive with Stantec. They understood our needs, and specifically from a business standpoint and an event standpoint, we worked together to make sure that not only was BC Place new and iconic, but also fulfilled our business needs .</p> <p>Our relationship with Stantec goes back a number of years, and I think it turned into a friendship, but also we felt very involved from the very beginning.</p>

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