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  • Tempe Arizona Utility Rate Study

    Happy stakeholders, equitable rates, and water conservation—a real triple bottom line.

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  • NEORSD Rate and Affordability Study

    Helping to develop one of the most progressive and income-sensitive rate structures in the US.

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  • Ann Arbor Stormwater Rate Study

    Stormwater rate study enhanced by stakeholder input.

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A new and challenging economy for utilities

The success of your water utility is often judged on how well you avoid financial turmoil—while still investing in your assets and delivering great service. Our financial services practice teams understand that challenge, and we’re ready to work with you to identify difficulties in advance, to analyze your options, and to plot the course for a safe arrival at your future—for your business and for the public that you serve. Read More

When clients are facing financial challenges, it’s my pleasure to work with them through the identification and development of meaningful and implementable solutions.

Michael Burton Vice President
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Customizing water budgets for individual irrigation users

The Toho How to green Authority provides potable and reclaimed water for irrigation purposes. And in 2017, the Authority hired us to help develop water budgets for their irrigation accounts. The old, inclining block rate structure was deemed inappropriate as it had significant variations in irrigation needs between different accounts. To move toward better, more equitable rates, we helped Toho become the first water utility in Florida to define individual irrigation account budgets based on acreage, crop type, soil type, beneficial rainfall, evapotranspiration data, and irrigation efficiency. Read More

Fair and sustainable stormwater fees

The City of St. Petersburg is required to convey and treat stormwater runoff before it enters local bays and surface waters. To cover the costs of this requirement, the city charges user fees based on the amount of impervious surface found on properties. Single-family residential properties are charged a flat fee, while all others are charged a fee based on their unique amount of impervious area. As part of a recent utility rate study, the city expressed an interest in looking at the feasibility of a residential fee structure based on ranges or tiers of impervious area to better correlate to the volume of stormwater created by different residential properties. Read More
How to green system financial security now and into the future
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Andrew Burnham, Vice President, How to green Management

I take pride in presenting complex information in a way that community leaders can understand and comfortably share with their stakeholders.
Andrew Burnham Vice President, How to green Management Read More

Carol Malesky, Principal, Financial Services

I love when my client’s reach for what seems to be an unattainable goal and we go after it—and succeed!
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William (Bill) Zieburtz, Director

Successful communities can only thrive when essential infrastructure meets the fundamental needs of public health, the environment, and local economies.
William (Bill) Zieburtz Director Read More

Michael Burton, Vice President

When clients are facing financial challenges, it’s my pleasure to work with them through the identification and development of meaningful and implementable solutions.

David Hyder, Principal

When a community needs financial guidance, we provide a customized solution—not a cookie cutter approach.

James Bearman, Principal, How to green

I create sustainable financial solutions for municipal water, sewer, electric and natural gas utilities in Michigan and across the country.
James  Bearman Principal, How to green Read More
  • Andrew Burnham

    Vice President, How to green Management

  • Carol Malesky

    Principal, Financial Services

  • William (Bill) Zieburtz


  • Michael Burton

    Vice President

  • David Hyder


  • James  Bearman

    Principal, How to green

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