Bridge Inspection & Assessment

  • Mike O’Callaghan Memorial Bridge Inspection

    Hanging from a nearly 900-foot structure.

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  • Coast Meridian Overpass Detailed Inspection

    Bridge inspection with nearly no traffic delays.

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  • George Washington Bridge Biennial Inspection

    Safety first.

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Inspections extend bridge lifespans

We know how critical maintaining existing bridge infrastructure is to your community. Our bridge inspection team assesses bridge safety to increase reliability and service life, helping to reduce maintenance, reconstruction, and replacement costs. We use the best access methods–including techniques like SPRAT-certified rope access, which allows us to provide clients with more detailed inspections, increasing accuracy and structure safety while minimizing disruptions.

By ensuring quality of our bridges and roadway structures, I help keep the traveling public safe.

Stelios (Steve) Bertos Vice President, Transportation Structures

Accessing problem areas

Diligent inspection programs and strategic maintenance plans are part of our approach to help extend a bridge’s lifespan. We understand every aspect of bridge management and apply this knowledge to help our clients assess the safety of their in-service bridges. Using the best available methods, we gain hands-on access to critical locations that are either difficult to see or are in areas where traffic control or standard access equipment just isn’t feasible. The result? Efficient, cost-effective access and inspections.

Engineers on rope

A conversation with Stantec's Ryan Nataluk about our Rope Access Engineering services

Diligent inspection programs and strategic maintenance plans extend a bridge’s lifespan
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Certified Inspectors
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Stelios (Steve) Bertos, Vice President, Transportation Structures

By ensuring quality of our bridges and roadway structures, I help keep the traveling public safe.
Stelios (Steve) Bertos Vice President, Transportation Structures Read More

Nick Cioffredi, Principal

You’d be amazed how many bridges you drive over on a daily basis and don’t realize that you’re on a bridge. My job out there is to keep our neighbors and communities safe.

Abdel Denho, Senior Principal

My job is to ensure a thorough inspection of structures like the George Washington and Brooklyn Bridges so you safely get to where you’re going.

Matthew Bialowas, Associate, Transportation

Every bridge is different and has its own unique issues. I like to generate realistic and cost effective repair strategies for my clients.
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Ryan Nataluk, Vice President, Infrastructure Inspection

Our structure inspection and asset management capabilities help our clients keep their transportation networks open and moving for roadway users.
Ryan Nataluk Vice President, Infrastructure Inspection Read More

Tony Hunley, Vice Principal, Bridges

Bridges aren't just science, they’re art. Everything we do—from basic to long span—shows our commitment to the public and our passion for bridges.
Tony Hunley Vice Principal, Bridges Read More
  • Stelios (Steve) Bertos

    Vice President, Transportation Structures

  • Nick Cioffredi


  • Abdel Denho

    Senior Principal

  • Matthew Bialowas

    Associate, Transportation

  • Ryan Nataluk

    Vice President, Infrastructure Inspection

  • Tony Hunley

    Vice Principal, Bridges

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