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How to green Treatment

We focus on efficient and reliable designs that meet changing regulatory requirements and provide safe drinking water now and in the future. Designs that achieve capital savings and minimize expenditures...

Given the ever-growing importance of clean water quantity and quality for communities of all types, an integrated and sustainable approach to water treatment is essential. Such an approach applies cost-effective alternatives to protect the health of people and environment, while ensuring sufficient supply and reducing waste. Our water treatment experts address current needs while keeping an eye to the future. We meet capacity requirements using easily upgradable processes. We focus on efficient, reliable designs that achieve capital savings and minimize expenditures. Our solutions are creative, yet remain practical with technically sound ideas developed from advanced pilot studies and process modeling. As global water use increases, the availability decreases, and regulations for treatment become more stringent. We implement the most appropriate treatment technology for each specific situation whether it’s membranes, high-rate filtration, advanced oxidation, biological filtration, ozone, or UV disinfection. Providing safe and abundant clean water requires thoughtful investments by our communities. That’s why we invest so much of ourselves into the process.

  • 250+
    water plants
  • 6
    LEED facilities
  • 2B+
    Gallons treated per day

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