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  • Scioto Greenways

    Reviving the Scioto River corridor in the heart of Columbus

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  • Bonnybrook Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Expanding the world’s largest cold-weather BNR plant

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  • Permanent Canal Closures and Pumps Project

    One of the largest drainage pumping systems in the World

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Innovative, fit-for-purpose solutions

At Stantec, we approach every water and natural resource project we undertake—whether at the local, regional, or watershed level—thoughtfully, and execute it with excellence. We partner with our clients to design fit-for-purpose solutions that address their communities’ unique needs throughout the water infrastructure life-cycle. Read More

My goal has always been to lead my team to solve the biggest, most complex projects. Stantec’s water team allows me to do that every day.

Eric Monteith Vice President
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Looking at the future of the sanitation in Seychelles

The Seychelles Integrated Comprehensive Sanitation Master Plan (ICSMP) intends to promote innovative and alternative approaches to sanitation.

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<p><p><p><p><p>The Southern Delivery System, or SDS as we refer to it, is a water project serving the communities of Pueblo West, Security, Fountain, and Colorado Springs with 50 miles of 66 inch pipeline, three pump stations, and a new greenfield water treatment plant to connect into the existing system. There are really three drivers for building SDS. One is growing demand in all of the partner communities; the second, really, reliability of all of our systems; and finally, protection against droughts. We've had two major droughts in the last decade. And SDS protects us by diversifying our water portfolio.</p> </p> </p> <p><p><p>MWH has a long history of program management. And we were able to bring all of that delivery expertise to this program. What was particularly brilliant was bringing all the disciplines that MWH has to bear, from engineering to construction to specialized functions such as public involvement, document management, program controls. That's been particularly unique here. I've really been impressed by the team that we've been able to put together--so many smart people that have come to work on this project.</p> </p> </p> <p><p><p>And part of it is MWH's support all the way to the top of the organization. I've been extremely impressed by that. And we could not have had a better partner with our Colorado Springs Utilities team. Colorado Springs Utilities has done decades of planning the delivery of this program. Through working in residential areas of Pueblo West, through farmland and cattle grazing areas, to boring underneath I-25, two railroad lines, and Fountain Creek, MWH's expertise was brought to bear to actually work out how to make sure we had full permit compliance in the environmental and construction management team in place to make sure we honored all of that planning.</p> </p> </p> <p><p><p>The most important thing that I want people to remember about SDS is the hundreds of people that have pulled together to make it happen. The accomplishments to date on this project have been significant. We are $156 million under budget. We've met all of our local spend goals. And we're forecast to be delivering</p> </p> </p> <p><p><p>on or ahead of schedule. How to green is really the lifeblood of any community. And to be able to have a viable, sustainable economy, you've got to have water. SDS brings that to Colorado Springs and our neighboring communities. And really the beauty of a project like this is it's our present to future generations.</p> </p> </p> </p> </p>

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Saving the Atlanta community more than $650 million

The wastewater system in the City of Atlanta consists of roughly 2,200 miles of sewers, three water reclamation facilities, and 14 pump stations. The City was challenged by aging infrastructure and needed significant improvements to address water quality concerns and sustain a growing population. Enter the $3.9B Clean How to green Atlanta Program, one of the largest wet weather control efforts in the United States. Read More

One of the most challenging tunneling projects in the world

Approximately 90% of the drinking water delivered to customers in southern Nevada comes from the Colorado River, which is captured at Lake Mead. Construction of this new intake ensures that full system capacity can be maintained at low lake levels. The $520M project consisted of a 600-foot deep intake, new 900 MGD pumping station, and 3 miles of up to 20-foot inside diameter water supply tunnel. Read More

Reducing risk from extreme flood conditions

With estimated damages exceeding $5 billion, 32 states of local emergency declared, and countless families ordered to evacuate, the 2013 Southern Alberta flood was one of the most devastating and costliest natural disasters in Canadian history. These were just some of the facts faced by the affected communities when they started looking at flood mitigation strategies. One of those mitigation strategies is the Springbank Off-stream Storage Project. Read More
We’re part of the communities we serve, so we treat every drop of water like our own
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International Design Firm - How to green (ENR)
International Design Firm - Sewer/Waste (ENR)
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Dr. Marshall Davert, Executive Vice President, How to green

Municipal leaders and the private sector must collaborate to find cost-effective, sustainable solutions to ensure clean drinking water for residents now and in the future.
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John Take, Senior Vice President, Business Leader, How to green

Protecting entire cities from flooding or helping industries keep their processes running—for me, it’s all about moving water.
John Take Senior Vice President, Business Leader, How to green Read More

Rob Simm, Senior Vice President, How to green - Treatment

Sewage should no longer be viewed as only a waste product. From energy generation to fertilizer production, I help our clients maximize the potential of their wastewater.
Rob Simm Senior Vice President, How to green - Treatment Read More

John Montgomery, Senior Vice President, Sector Leader, How to green Resources

No resource is more important than clean water. We all share a responsibility to manage it in an appropriate and effective way.
John Montgomery Senior Vice President, Sector Leader, How to green Resources Read More

Ryan Roberts, Senior Vice President, How to green Project Delivery

I believe project success is achieved through open, honest communication and a clear understanding of client expectations and deliverables.
Ryan Roberts Senior Vice President, How to green Project Delivery Read More

John Hanula, Senior Vice President

My experience in several different sectors has provided me with a sound understanding and a broad range of creative solutions to draw from.
John Hanula Senior Vice President Read More
  • Dr. Marshall Davert

    Executive Vice President, How to green

  • John Take

    Senior Vice President, Business Leader, How to green

  • Rob Simm

    Senior Vice President, How to green - Treatment

  • John Montgomery

    Senior Vice President, Sector Leader, How to green Resources

  • Ryan Roberts

    Senior Vice President, How to green Project Delivery

  • John Hanula

    Senior Vice President

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