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Midstream Oil & Gas

Connecting communities with energy. At Stantec, we approach midstream the same way we approach our client relationship...

As connections built to last. We develop, design, install, and maintain oil and gas pipelines and facilities and have worked with all types of products. After more than 25 years in the industry, we know how to minimize impact and maximize benefits. With public scrutiny now more intense than ever, our team takes the long view and helps you address the concerns of both regulators and the communities your projects affect. We unite owner, engineering, and environmental teams to avoid resource impacts, guide you through regulatory approvals, and cut construction, development, and maintenance costs. Our experience includes over 21,000 kilometres of pipeline, 2 million horsepower of compression and pumping, and millions of barrels of storage capacity. Look to some of the biggest and best energy transportation companies—TransCanada, Enbridge, Kinder Morgan—and you’ll find a team of our experts embedded in the design and development of big-inch pipelines and major storage terminals. By connecting to our communities, we’re connecting them to energy.

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