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Food & Beverage

Innovative, economical, and high-quality solutions for a competitive market

Innovative, economical, high-quality solutions for competitive markets

As food and beverage manufacturers, our clients face increasing quality, cost, and delivery pressures. These pressures can include increased legislation, global competition, and a push for operational and quality improvements to remain competitive. Our integrated team of architects, engineers, and project managers includes key local staff who understand what drives the market—quality, throughput, yield, time-to-market requirements—and know how to solve facility issues such as flexible layout plans and distribution logistics. Manufacture, package, warehouse, get your product out the door in the most cost-effective and time-efficient manner—our work helps make all of this happen. We design greenfield facilities and new technologies, consolidate plants and production lines, optimize process methods, implement utility upgrades, control and monitor critical systems, and modernize existing process lines for increased efficiency and quality control. Whether you’re an iconic food and beverage manufacturer or a smaller start-up company, we collaborate with you to fully understand your goals and help you achieve long-term success.

The Stantec Promise

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<p>I’m part of it. You’re part of it. We’re all part of it.</p> <p>It’s where I work.It’s the team I work with:</p> <p>My colleagues and my clients.</p> <p>It’s how I connect, and the people I connect with.</p> <p>It’s how we got started. And where we’re going.</p> <p>It’s where I learn … Get inspired … and explore.</p> <p>It’s where I live… Where I relax … And where I play!</p> <p>It’s me. It’s you. It’s us.</p> <p>Community. Community. Community.</p> <p>Community is who we are, and it’s why we design.</p> <p>It’s thousands of employees… the clients we serve… and everyone who benefits from the work we do.</p> <p>Wherever community, creativity, and client relationships meet – that’s where our work begins.</p> <p>From mining materials that matter…… to helping industry prosper…&nbsp; … and harnessing and transmitting energy …</p> <p>From designing places that nurture and restore... to and keeping the world moving… and providing safe, clean water for everyone.</p> <p>We’re dedicated to the communities we serve—--because they’re our communities, too.</p> <p>That’s why, whatever I do--wherever the project --</p> <p>I promise… I promise… We promise…</p> <p>We promise to design with community in mind.</p>

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