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Mental Health

Recovery and renewal: we reintegrate into the community by design. Life throws some of us more complications than others and one’s ability to cope is dependent on many factors...

Social, communal, family, and individual. A thoughtfully designed place for self-discovery, support, and treatment can be the difference between mental pain and health, life and death. Our approach is to provide, as much as possible, a place that balances a sense of community with the need for privacy and security. Spaces must accommodate a range of emotions and activities to facilitate the recovery process. We carefully think of the transitions of the public space, for such events as community gatherings, school graduations, and informal recreation, to the semi-public and private space of art and music therapy, classrooms, and counseling. Imperceptible supervision is achieved many times through the strategic location of care and reception areas, street-facing therapy rooms, and direct visual connection between levels. Our spaces are open, embracing, safe, and secure, and they encourage a positive, uplifting sense of purpose and direction. Through our designs, we aspire to create place memories of transition and strength.

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