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Elder Care Design

Simplicity, clarity, and empathy lie at the heart of our understanding of design. Hospitals can feel overwhelming and confusing, especially for an elderly patient or visitor...

By improving the hospital experience for seniors, we can foster better outcomes for elderly patients and reduce the lengths of their stay. Designing a better experience involves an integrated approach that takes into account age-related changes and the adaptations required to help mitigate their effects. An elder-friendly hospital strives to reduce risk, increase operational efficiency, and tailor health facilities to provide optimum healthcare for our aging population. Simplicity, clarity, and empathy lie at the heart of our understanding of current and future trends and our design response. This approach considers simple things like eliminating trip hazards or clearly identifying restrooms. Our approach combined with global expertise and a diverse pool of talent leads us to solutions that are practical, affordable, and flexible for our clients. With design, we can address the issues of the present and help our clients anticipate the uncertainty inherent in the future.

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