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Cancer Care

Compassionate care: the best spaces blend the science of treatment and the art of care. Patients with cancer undergo highly complex and lengthy courses of treatment...

As “frequent fliers,” they come back repeatedly to the same place for infusion or radiation. Dealing with intense emotions of fear and anxiety, they need an environment that soothes and reinforces their belief that they are receiving the best care possible. Design can solve this in many ways from the museum quality of a Cleveland Clinic to the upscale home-like quality of Intermountain Health’s Huntsman Clinic, to the understated urban sophistication of the London Clinic. No one likes waiting. It’s both monotonous and stressful. To minimize boredom and create distraction, we design spaces that are comfortable, with different choices for seating, colors, and artwork, and access to views, daylight, and gardens. We provide spaces for interaction with fellow patients, as well as rooms with complete privacy. For example, this provision of choice and connection to nature makes infusion therapy more tolerable. Imaging areas are attractive, but do not patronize the patient by masking the technology; patients appreciate honesty and openness in their treatment and in the spaces where care is given.

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