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Campus Planning

Campus designs make the student experience

What makes a campus? It’s the people, the culture, the grounds and facilities, and how these elements work together to form a community...

Through campus planning, we apply rigorous analysis and creative thinking to these physical and less tangible campus elements to create a solid framework for the institution’s future -- one that balances today’s market realities and pedagogical trends. What will your campus look like in 5, 10, or 20 years? Are your facilities competitive? These are just a few questions that we’ve sorted through for more than 50 institutions. While our work emphasizes the campus community, it’s also about the business side -- the finances, the policies, technology, and the institution’s need to meet changing influences. We believe that a successful campus community must meet the needs of the end users. It allows everyone to learn, grow, and develop to their best potential. Our goal is to help you discover or build upon your own community – one that is rooted in the mission of your institution, and will serve as a strong foundation for the future.

  • 200
    academic facilities
  • 59
    yrs serving campus communities
  • 1
    dedicated project team

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