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Designing the ultimate student experience

Students need a space to think outside boundaries, a community to grow and be creative in, and a meaningful way to connect with the world...

We design innovative learning environments that give students, faculty, administrators and their communities the spaces they need to learn, grow, and succeed. Through global design, intuitive planning, and local support, we help you create the ultimate student experience.

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    A/E Firm, BD+C, 2016
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    Top Univ Architect (BD+C ‘16)
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    K-12 Design (Arch Record ‘15)


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5 trends affecting education design

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<p><b>Don Hensley</b></p> <p><b>On screen: Millennials move to leadership</b></p> <p>the evolution of millennials into faculty positions and leadership positions in education is going to begin to accelerate the transformation of architecture and space in learning and research environments. I think up until now we’ve been planning for them as students through higher education, and now as they’re coming out into leaders they’re going to begin to implement some of the things they believe in the design of our buildings.</p> <p><b>On screen: Creating a campus experience</b></p> <p>Space outside the classrooms for a university are going to become more important. The experience the university can offer a client that's different than what someone can get online, or a student can get online, is going to be the difference that keeps higher education alive as a place to come to.</p> <p><b>On screen: Data-driven design</b></p> <p>The idea of big data and what that can do for the systems that can make up a building is going to transform design and higher education. In terms of what we can do for clients in the areas of efficiency, of operations, and lifecycle of products and systems is going to be dramatically different. As these systems become aware of themselves and can monitor their state of being through connections with the internet and big data so it's going to change with way we look at building system and design in a real fundamental way.</p> <p><b>On screen: Alternate financing</b></p> <p>As pressure continues to be on intuitions of higher learning to reduce their tuition and to cut costs, that you're going to see more and more private sector partners come in to help them meet their capital needs without putting a big burden on the taxpayers and other funding mechanisms they have. The first glimpse we're seeing of that is in student housing.</p> <p><b>On screen: No more quiet libraries</b></p> <p>The role of the library isn't about a warehouse for books, or a warehouse for knowledge and quiet study. These spaces will become advanced learning type environments. Places for students to come in and work in groups or do research, and have access to information but more as a gathering place than libraries typically were. It's going to fundamentally change the way libraries function as less of a place of going to get knowledge and more as a place of being able to apply what you're learning.</p>

Designing schools in remote Alaska

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<p>My name is Dale Smythe I'm a project architect and project manager for Stantec in our Anchorage office.</p> <p>For the last 10 years, I've had the privilege of working on some of our rural Alaska schools. These are projects in Yupik Alaska villages in western Alaska.</p> <p>Getting to these sites takes a lot of steps. [00:02:00] It really can't be done in a day trip typically. We're leaving Anchorage early in the morning on a twin engine prop plane, a couple hours in the air, then land out of the hub communities Bethel or Dillingham, several thousand people. Then, a single engine prop plane to a gravel runway where you unload your gear that you travel with, and then typically take a 4-wheeler ride over to the school site, to the project site.</p> <p>These are K through 12 schools. They actually are really the community center of these villages. They serve as much more than just the school.</p> <p>Through working in this part of Alaska, probably had the chance to visit nearly 20 villages, worked in half a dozen of them on major projects and more on minor things. it gives me this inspiration for self-sufficiency and an understanding of your environment, and survival not through fighting it but survival through harmony with your surroundings.</p>


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