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Cross Border Xpress (CBX) is a unique facility, the result of an accident of geography. Stantec's Stanis Smith explains

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<p>It's like an airport terminal in the sense that there is a check-in. The difference, of course, is that you're checking in in the United States, crossing a bridge, and then dropping into an airport terminal that happens to be located in Mexico.</p> <p>It's a pure accident of geography that the Tijuana terminal is immediately adjacent to the border between Mexico and the United States.</p> <p>Our clients saw the opportunity to acquire land, which could be used for a border crossing and a bridge crossing between the U.S. and Mexico.</p> <p>For people who are flowing from the U.S. to Mexico, they would drive onto our property, park their vehicles, then enter into our building, check-in, in our building, and then walk across a bridge that goes across the border, and drop directly into the Tijuana terminal.</p> <p>Our understanding of how airports work has enabled us to design this unique project because many aspects of the project are very similar to an airport. So in terms of the people flow, in terms of how you size the facility, in terms of how you design a check-in facility, in terms of how you design a USCBP Customs and Border Protection operation, all of those are analogous to an airport.</p> <p>I'm proud of the fact that we were able to help our client realize an extraordinary vision. And to create something that is truly unique, a project that's going to be held up as a world-wide example of collaboration between two countries.</p>


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