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Roughrider Football Club Fitness Facility

When the opportunity arrived to create a fitness facility for the Saskatchewan Roughriders we were all in

Regina, Saskatchewan

As a professional football club, the Saskatchewan Roughriders recognized the need to invest in its players and heighten on-field performance through the elevation of skillset development. While faced with space pressures in an antiquated stadium, the football club was uncertain a remote site could accommodate player needs effectively. We convinced them by taking a retail/warehouse space and converting it into a 5,000 square foot training facility, providing the iconic organization with a new tool in their recruiting and retention strategy. The facility includes a professional athlete weight and fitness training area, lockers, shower and sauna facilities, video screening areas, and online training equipment.

It is because of undying community support that Saskatchewan’s only professional sports team has both survived and thrived in the province. This facility has allowed the club to answer back to its fans, by elevating its competitive level into what has traditionally been a challenge as a small center. Through the creation of the fitness facility, the organization demonstrates its commitment to being a championship team.

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