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RiverStone Subdivision

A new residential experience in Lethbridge – the way forward is RiverStone

Lethbridge, Alberta

The City of Lethbridge wanted RiverStone to challenge conventional thought around the residential experience, and make a longstanding impact to the everyday lives of the people living there. Stantec’s eagerly accepted the challenge to guide development of the 300 acre parcel in West Lethbridge.

We gained inspiration from a public consultation process that genuinely captures the community’s vision and priorities. Our multi-tiered strategy allowed people to contribute to the design of a place that they would love to call home.

We took the potential obstacle of the Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District irrigation canal running throughout the subdivision and instead of working around the waterway, we highlighted it as an amenity connecting the natural and landscaped green spaces throughout the community.

The result? A community that embraces a new level of refined quality for Lethbridge, with lush manicured parks, water features and natural coulee views. The design supports flexibility in changing market conditions and allows the people of Lethbridge to imagine themselves living here.

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