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Residential Curbside Collection

Cost-effective, automated and sustainable garbage and recycling collection systems – not just for the big cities!

R.M. of East St. Paul

We were proud to assist the Rural Municipality (RM) of East St. Paul in their drive to implement a new residential automated curbside waste and recycling collection program for their residents commencing in May 2013. With stricter environmental and labour regulations and a shift to more sustainable waste management solutions, the approach to waste collection has fundamentally changed and Stantec was able to provide the RM with the information and resources needed to move forward. 

In assisting the RM, Stantec conducted a review of the current waste system, including an assessment of current quantities, waste streams and population projections; and evaluated divergent collection system options (e.g., bag limit/user pay, automated bin collection) and operating cost ranges. Stantec facilitated meetings with the City of Winnipeg and the City of Brandon to gain further insight into their cart based collection systems. Stantec also assisted in developing the waste collection contract, service tendering and procurement.

To communicate the waste collection changes with the RM’s 9,000 residents, we assisted in developing a public communication and education program that included a series of newsletters, public demonstration events and web-based tools. These communications were key to the acceptance of the program by the RM’s high population of seniors and by residents with long driveways; particularly given our sometimes harsh winter conditions.

The result? A cost-effective, efficient and sustainable system for East St. Paul to move forward with. This project improves community aesthetics and encourages waste diversion and recycling. It also reduces the number of recycling trips required by moving to bi-weekly recycling collection. With Stantec’s assistance, the conversion to automated curbside collection has given East St. Paul the opportunity to join other major centers in Manitoba to provide enhanced services and environmental stewardship for its residents.

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