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Regina Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

A public-private partnership to improve water quality

Regina, Saskatchewan
  • EPCOR How to green Services Inc.
  • Graham Group Ltd.

With continued and projected growth and more stringent regulatory requirements being imposed at the end of 2016, the City of Regina undertook a comprehensive review of its wastewater treatment processes and is implementing a major upgrade program. Stantec is the lead designer for the EPCOR Saskatchewan Partners team for the design, build, finance, operate, and maintain project. This is one of the city's largest and most complex capital projects to date.

The plant's capacity will be increased to accommodate anticipated population growth to about 258,000 (from 70 ML/d to 92 ML/d). Converted to a biological nutrient removal process, the new facility consists of primary clarification, bioreactors, secondary clarifiers, a fermenter, and an upgraded UV treatment process to treat its liquid stream while enhancing the solids stream treatment. The upgrades rectify current deficiencies by replacing/refurbishing infrastructure, some of which is now well beyond its normal service life. The upgraded plant will remove ammonia on a year-round basis and both nitrogen and phosphorus prior to discharging treated effluent to Wascana Creek.

Our solution incorporates side stream treatment for bioaugmentation to reduce the size of the bioreactor, saving significant capital costs. We also use common wall construction throughout to reduce concrete costs. Energy efficiency improvements reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The higher effluent standards will improve water quality in the receiving stream and protect public health and the environment.

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