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Peterborough Regional Health Centre

Community at a crossroads

Peterborough, Ontario

Peterborough Regional Health Centre is a hospital designed to make you feel at home and truly connected to community. Its comfortable setting encourages care, and gives a sense that community’s close by.

The hospital feels home-like because of its scale, views, gardens, and use of wood and stone. Interior courtyards punctuate the building mass along the north-south circulation spine drawing natural light deep into the building and adding warmth to the place. The building feels human in scale, not imposing. The first impression from the large lobby window is a view of the surrounding landscape and the town, re-emphasizing the connection to this particular place and community. The patient bedrooms all have commanding views as they spill down the hill. Treatment areas where patient visits are frequent or lengthy, such as chemotherapy and renal dialysis, offer views of the seasonally changing landscape. The hospital’s layout is designed to create a natural meeting place, or “crossroads,” and connects the community to this place. Through these comforting features, Peterborough Regional Health Centre is able to take good care of its community.  

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