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Otter Lake Landfill

Safely managing our waste material and protecting the environment

Halifax, Nova Scotia

While your own garbage for pick-up may not seem like a lot, consider that there’s close to 400,000 residents in Halifax Regional Municipality generating about 80,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste. The Otter Lake Landfill facility provides a responsible location to dispose of this waste. Its current landfill liner specification is more stringent than most comparable state and provincial jurisdictions.

During the construction of the latest cell, we provided quality assurance inspection to make sure the landfill was constructed to the design specifications so it can properly contain the waste. With landfills, it’s important that leachate—liquid containing potentially harmful substances—is contained within the landfill cell so the surrounding soil is protected.

We provided materials testing and inspection services during the construction of the cell berms and the clay liner and during the installation of the high density polyethylene (HDPE) liner.

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