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Ottawa Int'l Airport - De-Icing Apron Reconstruction & Lighting Upgrades

Breaking the ice

Ottawa, Ontario

Ice is a hazard when it comes to air travel, and we’re not talking about icy runways. During flight, ice can build up on airplane wings and control surfaces. When air can’t flow smoothly over a wing, the wing has a harder time generating lift—and that may lead to a catastrophe.

The Airport Authority brought us in to cover a number of services: airfield civil, electrical, and geotechnical and pavement engineering. We also handled project management and construction services.

As part of this rehabilitation, the surface was re-graded, with slopes on the apron designed to prevent water accumulation. Additional glycol containment slot drains were installed to improve glycol containment and reduce environmental contamination. The pavement strength was increased to regulatory standards allowing all sizes of plane to enter any lane.

We adding floodlighting and inset lighting and also upgraded the underground electrical infrastructure to reduce a shadow effect while planes were being de-iced. The specialized inset lighting helps pilots navigate the area, though we also included message boards to direct planes to the appropriate lane and stage of de-icing.

These upgrades improve efficiency on the de-icing apron, making it safer and more efficient. 

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