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Olympic Speed Skating Oval Precision Survey

Home to the fastest ice in the world

Calgary, Alberta

Calgary’s Olympic Oval is home to the fastest ice in the world. To help keep it that way, Stantec’s geomatics team completes an annual survey to meet Olympic certification requirements.

Athletes from 16 countries from around the world train in Olympic Oval programs. Each of them depends on Stantec’s work to ensure the highest standards for speed skating ovals. To complete our precision surveys, Stantec first lays out the track edges and start/finish lines, then checks them after the ice markers are set for long and short tracks. These dimensions are critical for documenting an athlete's training and race times and affect whether the race yields a world record.

Stantec’s certified Alberta Land Surveyor supervises the project and submits a certification report that is used by the Olympic Oval to validate IOC and World Cup qualifying events. To minimize disruptions, we schedule our surveys around the athletes' training and events.

Since 1988, the Olympic Oval has seen 257 long track and 30 short track world records. Stantec’s work means those records will continue to be broken.

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