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Oakridge Centre Redevelopment

Building vitality

Vancouver, British Columbia
  • HPA (Residential)
  • Gensler

It’s early evening, and you’re walking through a park. It’s a pretty big park, 9 acres, about the size of 5 soccer fields. Trees, water, a community garden, and a restaurant. You can smell a hint of the sea on the air. And all of that is above a thriving, community-focused shopping center.

Oakridge Centre is a cornerstone shopping mall in Vancouver. It’s been around since the 1950s, though it never stood still. Renovations have kept this mall current and engaging. Over the next decade, Oakridge Centre will double its retail size and welcome a series of residential buildings to the neighborhood. There’ll be children’s play areas, a community center, and millions of residential square feet.

And a rooftop park.

The LEED Platinum development will create a beautiful, sustainable micro-community—and it’ll be built while the mall’s doors stay open. 

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