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North Highway Connector

Building a high efficiency route through Central Alberta

Red Deer, Alberta

We are providing project management, preliminary and detailed design, tender preparation, and services during construction and post construction for the first phase of the City of Red Deer's 30 year plan to build a unique ring road expressway around the east side of the City of Red Deer.

This project will improve the existing road network providing a more efficient means of access for the community to residential and commercial areas as well as connections to provincial highways. This roadway also provides a bypass for large truck traffic that does not need to enter the city.

The North Highway Connector Red Deer River Bridge is one component of this project that will be a major landmark for the City of Red Deer. We will incorporate architectural features to enhance and add aesthetic appeal and blend with the river valley and natural surroundings. A regional trail is planned for the corridor that may incorporate landscaping features such as trees, benches, trails, sound attenuation berms and other aspects that enhance the roadway, pedestrian/cyclist, and wildlife corridors.

Stantec will incorporate a wildlife passage through the bridge and causeway area to provide a safe and attractive crossing as this area is a significant wildlife corridor. We also plan to implement an advanced remediation strategy, planting trees to replace the ones removed for construction.

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