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Mount Royal University - Science and Technology Wing Expansion, Phase 1

Opportunity experiment yields positive results

Calgary, Alberta

Awarded university status in 2009 and with a core purpose of personalized learning and student achievement, Mount Royal University (MRU) had outgrown its existing Science and Technology facility and Centre for Continuous Learning facility. Planning to enhance their current curriculums, MRU decided that exceptional learning opportunities needed exceptional facilities.

Eager to expand on the innovative program and LEED® Gold elements of the original Centre for Continuous Learning, we partnered with the university and contractor from day one of the project, making the seamless transition from initial design to project completion. With a focus on enhancing student spaces and facilities to maximize learning, our architects designed formal classroom and lab spaces alongside informal meeting places for students.

The expansion encompasses forward-thinking teaching and research labs, including biology, geography, geology, earth sciences, chemistry, archaeology, and anthropology, and each lab is designed specifically to meet the needs of lab professors and students.

Today, if you’re an MRU student, you benefit from modern, bright, and airy classrooms, state-of-the-art labs, and informal meeting places where you can discuss next week's group project or last night's study session.

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