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Materials Testing and Inspection Services for Nova Scotia

Building our province with proven quality-tested materials

Nova Scotia

We have multiple standing offer agreements in place with Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (NSTIR) for materials testing and inspection services for soils and aggregates and asphalt concrete.

Working closely with NSTIR project engineers for more than 20 years, our experienced laboratory and field staff evaluate the quality of materials to determine physical and chemical properties, compared to specified criteria needed for the application at hand, and make recommendations to meet quality requirements.

We review asphalt concrete mix designs for compliance with project specification. For soils and aggregates, we complete soil sampling, on-site testing and inspection during production, QA testing for compacted granular materials, producing samples and reports for pit/quarry mineralized rock investigations including mineralized rock excavations. We use nuclear density gauges for initial compaction control strips, compaction testing and general construction inspection/supervision.

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