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Manitoba Riel Sectionalization Project

Improving power reliability and future export capabilities to the US for Manitoba Hydro

Springfield, Manitoba

Manitoba Hydro’s electric system needed upgrading to improve its reliability and capacity. They needed infrastructure that increase stability and support their growth as a major player in the power export market. 

A critical step to meeting Manitoba’s energy requirements was the 63 hectare Riel Sectionalization project.  The size and scale of the project required a strong consultant, capable of dealing with the multidisciplinary demands of the project, and we were called upon to take up the challenge.

The project consists of 46kV, 230kV, and 500kV AC switch yards, with the provision for a future +/- 500 kV High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) section.  We provided the design of foundations, electrical support structures, rigid and flex bus, power distribution, cable ducts, oil containment systems, and control and switchgear buildings.  We also provided the design for deluge facilities, water and waste treatment facilities, and underground potable water, fire/gray water systems.

This major investment in Manitoba’s infrastructure helped improve Manitoba Hydro’s grid capacity, reliability, and power export capabilities.

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