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MacKay River Commercial Phase 1

Developing Alberta’s oil sands requires powerful partners

Wood Buffalo, Alberta
  • Power Grid Specialists Corporation

In designing their first SAGD plant near MacKay River, Brion has engaged several consultants. One is tasked with designing the central plant, another the pipes and pads, yet another for the camp. Stantec is designing a 35kV system to power it all.

Communication on the design needs for the three different parts of the project requires tact and diligence. The system Stantec designs must work with all areas. Differing approaches for the evolution of the facility within a fresh company add complexity. Stantec has the experience to ensure that key factors for compatible design and consistency are considered.

Stantec has offered guidance from our experience on similar sites. Although solutions recommended may not be the least expensive, they anticipate and address challenges the client is likely to encounter. Shield wires protect circuits from lightning strikes, crucial to ensuring uninterrupted operations. Vertical spacing of 115kV post insulators ensures that poles are avian raptor proof, to prevent outages which could also compromise operations of the plant. 

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