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Lethbridge Waste and Recycling Centre

Renovations transform local waste and recycling facility into a lean, mean, and green operation

Lethbridge, Alberta
Completion: May 2011

It’s hard to run a waste and recycling operation when you have to close down your landfill to minimize blowing debris every time it gets too windy. We worked with the “windy” City of Lethbridge to make its waste and recycling centre's operation and householder experience more debris-free and headache-free.

Our proposed design included modifications for one of the buildings to house a 45-ton-per-hour waste-baling-and-bagging facility which would compact waste (and stop the blowing debris). This has reduced the facility’s required building footprint (it now takes up less space), while other site modifications such as a new entrance, dual-weigh-scale and scale-house facility, compost facility, and surface water management facility have reduced operating costs.

The experience of recycling and waste disposal was revamped to make it more straightforward. The transformed drop-off area now features clear signage identifying where recyclable items should go and better traffic management for enhanced user safety. Encouraging diversion of waste from landfill and more recycling visits, this leaner, greener, and more streamlined facility now remains open for business even on the windiest days.

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