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Historical Resources Impact Assessment

Identifying prehistoric and historic sites in support of project development


Completing an Historical Resources Impact Assessment (HRIA) on a planned pipeline development covering 85 km in length and several injection well locations. From cultivated areas to undisturbed forested areas, we even looked at terrain characterized by sand dune topography. Named and unnamed drainage crossings were examined for cultural materials, including a major river body. During the assessment studies, 18 prehistoric archaeological sites and eight historic sites were identified. The prehistoric sites included isolated finds, artifact scatters, and campsites, producing a variety of lithic material types as well as fire-broken rock, indicative of campsite activities. Two time-diagnostic projectile points were also recovered, including an Oxbow point dating to 4,600 – 3,000 years before present, and a possible Besant point dating to 2,400 – 1,200 years before present. Recommendations were formulated for Historical Resources Act clearance as any identified significant sites were located outside of the Project Development Area (PDA). Sites within the PDA were adequately mitigated through documentation and collection. 

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