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Harbour Landing Shallow Utilities Design

Designing the bundle, lights on the streets and gas in the pipes

Regina, Saskatchewan

When a province’s economy is booming, new people move in, and urban communities expand. Normally, shallow utilities such as power, natural gas, telephone, and cable communications would be installed by crown corporations. However, with such a huge demand for new services and the priority of emergency repairs, things weren’t going as fast as they needed to.

This is how it works: consultants submit their plans for streets, sidewalks, water, and sewer systems to the crown corporations. Then, the crown corporations design their utilities and hire contractors to do the work. Since we designed the Harbour Landing Subdivision, and because we were coordinating the construction anyways, it made sense that we design the bulk instead.

We worked on the power and gas utilities including evaluating various LED and HPS street light models. Though looking for the most efficient lighting option, we were also measuring lighting levels with an eye to increasing safety and minimizing light pollution towards the sky and resident homes. This was the first time that street lighting was computer modelled in Regina, and it’s becoming the standard practice moving forward.

Since we took over some of the shallow utilities, we were able to reduce the steps, risks, and the number of people involved in the project. That brought it all together faster, which meant new residents could move in sooner and with less hassle. 

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